Our Mad TEA Party was a success!!!

A sarcastic mad hatter, an even madder hare, a severely hungover dormouse and poor confused Alice had one hell of a tea party at the TEA Conference on April 1st (when else?!?)! Grading of exams was the last thing this nutty bunch of teachers managed that fateful afternoon…and this is how the perfomance started (and we were serious!):

Warning! The following performance contains excerpts from essays and emails sent from actual students to actual teachers which may be offensive to some on the basis of the abysmal language skills, execrable grammar, and general wrong-ness. Teacher discretion is advised. Any resemblance between the characters in this performance and real people is entirely coincidental. Those studying to be teachers are advised that their future jobs will be just as, if not more so, confusing. Funding for eternal tea-parties is not available in all areas, terms and restrictions apply.

collage andicollage idacollage_josicollagechrissicollage tea

[Top to bottom: Andi; Ida; Joséphine; Chrissi; clockwise: Cecilia (writer & director); Andi, Ida, and Lisa (producer) preparing for the performance; the cast enjoying the well-deserved applause; Candy Fresacher (TEA chairwoman) presenting us with some lovely flowers]

Big THANK YOU to the TEA Board for inviting us and their generous contribution which we will of course pass on to charity! And a huge THANK YOU to our lovely audience! It was a pleasure performing for you!

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