PP Double Bill

Are you ready for some pillow talk about….*drummroll* MURDER?

SHOW PR 25012020_2.jpg

Check out the Pennyless Players double bill of
NASTY THINGS, MURDERS, a short play by Arthur Lovegrove
followed by the usual IMPROV MADNESS by PP ImprovAs.

There will be pillows, murders, TVs, and whatever improv will come up with…don’t miss this!

Where: Stockwerk Jazz, Jakominiplatz 18
When: January 25, 2020, starting 6:30 pm
6:30 pm “Nasty Things, Murders”
7:15 pm BREAK
7:30 pm Improv Show
Fee: volunatary donation
-> All proceeds will be donated to charity

Cast & Crew of “Nasty Things, Murders”


Madge – Greta Wiederhold
Mary – Johanna Smith
Ethel – Magdalena Schneider
Louise – Anna-Maria Zechner
Nurse Millicent – Maja Höggerl


Director – Clara Hudel
Co-director – Lucy Gossler
Make-up – Floria Dreisiebner
Hair – Magdalena Schneider
Sound & Light – Tobias Teichman
Photography – Nicolas Galani
Props –  Domagoj Zovko, Matthäa Pototschnig, Katharina Leustik
Costume – Amadea Soltau

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