Production History

Ever since our foundation in 2007 we have usually been performing 1-2 full-length plays per year. We’ve also participated in numerous events with scenic readings, improv, or short performances, and offered acting and improvisation workshops.

These are the full-length plays we’ve done so far:

 2020/3 Clown Bar by Adam Szymkovicz
Cast & Crew

2018/10 Trojan Barbie by Christine Evans (GASTSPIEL @ Schauspielhaus Graz)
Cast & Crew

2018/5 Trojan Barbie, by Christine Evans (a car-crash encounter with Europides’ Trojan Women)
Cast & Crew

2017/6 Art, by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton (an intellectual comedy about values in friendship and art; performed at the Mini English Drama Festival at ARGEkultur Salzburg)
Cast & Crew

2017/5 George Orwell’s 1984, adapted for the stage by Matthew Dunster (a timeless classic about society and humanity – more relevant than ever)
Cast & Crew

2016/11 Love Conquers All, by David Newby (a comic tragedy about love and life)
Cast & Crew

2016/5-6 Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters, adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs (magic, madness and witches with a nod to good old Will)
Cast & Crew

2015/6 What Happened to Eliza Doolittle?, a devised play by the Pennyless Players (a fresh look at Pygmalion‘s Eliza and her choices in life)
Cast & Crew

2015/1 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, by Tom Stoppard (an absurd tragicomedy featuring Hamlet in a minor role)
Cast & Crew

2014/1 Figaro, by Charles Morey (a current and witty adaption of Beaumarchais’ 18th century classic about love and politics)
Cast & Crew

2013/1 All in the Timing, by David Ives (6 sketches about pretty much everything)
Cast & Crew

2012/6 Picasso at the Lapin Agile, by Steve Martin (an amusing comment on the 20th century)
Cast & Crew

2011/3 The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde (a hilarious look at romantic entaglements and dubious ethics among the British upper crust)
Cast & Crew

2010/6 Orlando, by Sarah Ruhl (a multi-media adaption of Virginia Woolf’s novel which takes us on a journey through time and gender)
Cast & Crew

2009/6 The Sonnet [Re]Cycle, by Cecilia Servatius (based on Shakespeare’s Sonnets, written for the 400th anniversary of their publication)
Cast & Crew

2009/3 Scots On The Rocks, by Richard Nathan (a parody of Shakespeare’s Scottish play)
Cast & Crew

2008/5 Doctor Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe (in the original language!, a scholar famously sells his soul to the devil for power, pleasure and knowledge)
Cast & Crew

2007 The Dinner Guest, by Herman and Cecilia Servatius (a comedic sketch of  “missing scenes” from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet)
Cast & Crew

Improv, Dramatic Readings, and Other Performances:

> 2020/12 Performance at Nachhaltigkeitstage Uni Graz
2020/2 Improv Show by Show Peeps (Die Brücke)
2020/1 “Nasty Things, Murders” (Short Play) & Improv Show by ImprovAs (Cafe Stockwerk)
2019/12 Improv at AAS Christmas Party (Meerscheinschlössl)
2019/12 Improv by Show Peeps in Salzburg (COFFEE HOUSE Salzburg)
2019/11 Improv Derby (Scherbenkeller) – 2nd place!
2019/11 Improv Performance at Lehrpreisverleihung (Aula, Uni Graz)
2019/9 “Other Voices” by Phil Cain (European Day of Languages, GrazMuseum)
2019/6 Improv Performance at Grieskram (Griesplatz)
2019/6 “Other Voices” by Phil Cain for CDE Conference “Theatre of Crisis”
2019/6 Pennyless Players Improv Mini-val (Cafe Kaiserfeld)
2019/4 Improv Jam – Pennyless Players Improv Group & AllerDings (Cafe Kaiserfeld)
2019/4-6 Thirsty Script-Tease (Anglistik, Common Room)
2019/1 Pennyless Players Improv Battle #3 (TAMTAM, Keesgasse)
2018/12 Participation in AAS Christmas Party (Meerscheinschlössl)
2018/9 CCTA Plays and Workshop (European Day of Languages, GrazMuseum)
2018/6 Pennyless Players Improv Show (TAMTAM, Keesgasse)
2018/6 Performance at Sustainability Week (CCTA Plays)
2018/4 Pennyless Players Improv Battle #2 (TAMTAM, Keesgasse)
2018/1 Bilingual Improv-Jam with Improgruppe WiR (Omas Teekanne)
2018/1 Pennyless Players Improv Battle (TAMTAM, Keesgasse)
2018/1 Improv Performance (“Long Night at the Library”, Anglistik, Uni Graz)
2017/12 Xmas Improv (AAS Christmas Party, Meerscheinschlössl)
2017/11 Participation in “Climate Change Theatre Action” (CCTA, American Department)
2017/9 Participatory Workshop on the topics of “1984” (European Day of Languages, GrazMuseum)
2017/6 Tragic Heroes by and with David Newby (Pennyless Players 10-Year-Anniversary Festival, Unicafe)
2017/6 Artsy Library Performance (“Long Night at the Library”, Anglistik, Uni Graz)
2017/1 Library Improv Performance with Theater- und Kulturverein allerDings (“Long Night at the Library”, Anglistik, Uni Graz)
2016/12 Xmas Improv (AAS Christmas Party, Meerscheinschlössl)
2016/10 The Ghost of Canterville, an adaption of Oscar Wilde’s short story into a play for 10-13-year-olds (European Day of Languages, GrazMuseum)
2016/6 Library Performance of the Wyrd Sisters Crew (Anglistik, Uni Graz)
2016/4 Improv “Frühlingsgefühle” (Lange Nacht der Forschung, Uni Graz)
2016/4 A Mad Tea Party, by Cecilia Servatius (TEA Conference, Uni Graz)
2015/12 Xmas Improv (AAS Christmas Party, Meerscheinschlössl)
2015/9 The Ghost of Canterville, an adaption of Oscar Wilde’s short story into a play for 10-13-year-olds (European Day of Languages, Murinsel Graz)
2015/4 Participation in the Pantomine Quiz (Uni Graz Braingame 2015)
2014/12 Wise Men – Wise Persons, Pirates and Camels from the East, by Moana E. Minson (AAS Christmas Party, Meerscheinschlössl)
2013/5 “F**kdidactics or What Was He Trying to Teach” (Good-Bye Party for Prof. Newby)
2012/12 Cinderella, by Roald Dahl (AAS Christmas Party, Meerscheinschlössl)
2012/12 Excerpt from Lost in Translation, by and with David Newby (Pennyless Players 5-Year-Anniversary event)
2011/12 The Plot to Overthrow Christmas, by Norman Corwin (AAS Christmas Party, Meerscheinschlössl)
2011/6 Excerpts from National Fronts, by David Newby (Anglo-Austrian Society event)

Workshops and Courses

2020/1 Improv Workshop – open for all, hosted by Sexy and Tobi
2019/12 Improv Workshop – open for all, hosted by Sexy and Max
2019/10 Improv Workshop – open for all, hosted by Sexy and Tobi
2019/10-2020/1 Improv Courses, ImprovAs with Debs, Show Peeps with Dennis
2019/3-6 Improv Courses, A with Debs and B with Dennis (+ performances)
2018/10-2019/1 Improv Course (beginners) with Dennis (+performance)
2018/10-2019/1 Improv Course (advanced) with Cecilia and Debs
2018/4 Improv Workshop for Beginners with the PP Improv Group
2018/3-6 Improv Course (advanced) with Cecilia and Debs (+performance)
2017/10-2018/1 Improv Course with Cecilia and Debs (+performance)
2017/9 Workshop for 14-16-year-olds based on 1984 and current events, hosted by the 1984 Crew (European Day of Languages, GrazMuseum)
2016/10-12 Improv Training, hosted by Carina Steger (+performance)
2016/3 Improv Workshop in German, intensive training, hosted by Carina Steger
2015/8 Acting Workshop for 15-19-year-olds, hosted by Teresa Stoiber (European Day of Languages, ECML, Südtiroler Platz)
2015/5 2-Day Acting Workshop, hosted by Teresa Stoiber (basic techniques and skills)
since 2007 we’ve usually offered improv sessions and workshops throughout the semester